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Anita is a certified ‘Angel Intuitive’ after completing Doreen Virtue’s ‘Angel Intuitive’ Course in November 2007 in Brisbane. Anita has been using a variety of Oracle Decks to do readings for many years. Such readings are of benefit when clients have several very specific questions that need to be answered.

Cards have been used for divination since the invention of the Tarot around 1450. Two crystals called ‘Urim’ and ‘Thummim’ were in the breastplate worn by High Priests in biblical times. These two crystals were used by Moses in Exodus to reveal God’s will to his people, by throwing them like dice. These two Hebrew words are also in the centre of the seal of Yale University. When translated they mean ‘The Light of Truth’. Perhaps the ‘random’ turn of a card is being directed by a higher loving source, to help you when you are wrestling with difficult decisions.

Anita can address three questions during a thirty-minute reading, six questions during a one hour reading. All readings will be recorded digitally, and can be downloaded to your phone, laptop, tablet or audio device.

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