Your Animal Totems

Jun 23, 2016

Indigenous people around the world believe that we all have animal spirits with us from birth. Some may come and go to give us a specific piece of information (Messenger Animals) Others come at a time of great life changes where you take a new ‘fork in the road of life’ (Journey Animal Guide). Others are with us constantly throughout our lives and reflect your inner spiritual nature (Animal Spirit Guide). All these animals give us protection, knowledge, guidance and love. We just need to sit still enough and quietly enough to hear it.

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Consciousness does not stop when we die

Jun 01, 2016

If you read the experiences of Dr Eben Alexander, you will see that consciousness is not connected to the brain. Dr Alexander was a Neuroscientist who contracted such severe bacterial meningitis that his brain shut down and he was placed in a medically-induced coma. Despite the fact that he was technically ‘brain dead’ for seven days, Dr Alexander had amazing experiences whilst in a coma (documented in his book ‘Proof of Heaven’) including meeting his elder sister who had died before he was even born.

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