How Mercury Retrograde May Impact YOU in August 2018

Jul 26, 2018

The planet Mercury will appear to move backwards in the sky from 26th July to 19th August and will be in the Zodiac sign of Leo. As Mercury is the planet of communication, you may find that you suddenly misunderstand people and they misunderstand YOU! You may send texts to people who misinterpret what you have said, you may receive emails from friends/colleagues/family and you may get the wrong end of the stick.

Mercury is also the planet that rules electronics, SO BACK UP YOUR LAPTOP ASAP! Computers crashing, mobile phones freezing & data/images/videos disappearing are a common effect of Mercury moving backwards. If possible, avoid buying a new electronic item as it is likely to malfunction and cause you pain and financial misery!

You may find you dash about a lot during Mercury's retrograde period, leaving you to misplace (or even LOSE!) keys, wallet, glasses, phone, credit cards etc. Being in a hurry, combined with misunderstanding emails/texts means that you may in the wrong building at the wrong time for that SUPER IMPORTANT client meeting! You may show up at the airport /train station on the wrong day/wrong time or even discoverthat in your hurry to book your holiday, you booked it for 2019 instead of 2018!!

If you SLOW DOWN, read everything TWICE, ask friends/family/colleagues for clarification with any of their communication and if you back up your phone/ may manage to avoid unnecessary dramas in August!

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