Free International Astrology Conference Sat 20th March 2021

Mar 18, 2021

Its International Astrology Day this Sat 20th March! A FREE International Astrology Conference starts this Saturday at 4.15pm UK time & goes on until after midnight! Lots of great Speakers presenting on a wide range of topics. The theme for the Conference is 'Care & Community' so Health & Wellness is a focus.

I'll be sitting on a Panel Discussion that starts at 23.00 related to how Astrologers combine Health Care Practices with Astrology
If you have no plans this Saturday afternoon/evening, why not attend a couple of talks that may interest you at this free online Conference?

Here's the link for you to register:

I'll be sitting on a Panel Discussion that starts at 23.00 related to how Astrologers combine Health Care Practices with Astrology

If you have no plans this Saturday afternoon/evening, why not attend a couple of talks that may interest you at this free online Conference?

UK Socio-Political Predictions for the 1st quarter of 2021

Jan 05, 2021

The UK Astrology chart for 21st Dec 2020 indicates the potential Political & Economic outlook up to the 21st March 2021. What does the chart show?

The Sun represents the Head of State/The Monarchy (The Queen/Royal Family/Boris Johnson). It is right next to Mercury (communication/decisions/ideas/negotiations).

Both the Sun and Mercury are in the 12th house (hospitals/prisons/all institutions/hidden enemies/large domesticated animals).

So here are some possible scenarios they may occur between now and 21st March 2021:

1) Boris or a Member of the Royal Family may suffer from ill health & require a stay in hospital

2) Boris or the Queen may make announcements relating to Hospitals/Prisons/Academic Institutions

3) There may be secretive, clandestine talks/negotiations taking place with regards to either Boris or the Queen which may lead to either of them having less visibility or status in the future.

4) There may be an announcement about Prince Andrew and a very prominent international legal case that may require him to give evidence.

5) There are hidden negotiations/decisions related to Livestock/Farm Animals currently underway.

All will be revealed between now and 21st March!

Keen to know more about your future? Book a 1hr Astrology Reading with Anita Chakraburtty via or give her a call on 07757 540 436. .
Anita is a member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International and was featured in a Dec 2020 article on Astrology for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Here's a link to the article:

I've Been Mentioned in a Cosmopolitan Article about Astrology!

Dec 14, 2020

Are you feeling uncertain about your job? Worried about redundancy? Thinking about seeing an Astrologer or a Tarot Reader? Well, you're not alone!

The following article by Journalist Kat Smith for Cosmopolitan Magazine shows that many people are seeking career answers from Astrologers/Tarot Readers in these uncertain times.

Seeking light at the end of the tunnel? Contact Anita on 07757 540 436 or email her via for an Astrology Reading to get an understanding of the opportunities & challenges ahead for you in the next few months!

Image by Steve Halama via Unsplash

Anxious About Redundancy? Here's How Astrology Can Help YOU!

Sep 20, 2020

Are You Anxious About Redundancy?

Facing redundancy & feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of searching for a new job? Keen to know what the future may hold for you in your next career move? Astrology may hold the key for you!

Astrology Can Help You Select a More Targeted Job Search

Here's a testimonial from a recent client of mine who was facing redundancy and stressed/worried about his future:

'My consultation with Anita Chakraburtty was a real pleasure. She was professional, down to earth, easy to talk to and her Astrological Predictions were spookily spot on!

It was a stressful time for me as I was facing redundancy & what Anita said gave me the guidance I needed. I’d thoroughly recommend her & will be using her services again in the future' (Andy, London)

My analysis of Andy's 12 month predictive chart showed me that applying for jobs via Linkedin/Recruiters would not be of benefit to him. His 7th House was very active, indicating utilising his Network/Colleagues/Peers would lead to his next job. Not randomly applying for loads of jobs via Recruiters/Linkedin.

So That's exactly what Andy did, saving him time, and getting his new job quickly in a more targeted manner. He also got the pay rise I predicted!!

(Image by Scott Graham)

Are you facing redundancy & would welcome insights into a more targeted job search or perhaps a new career?

Contact Anita Chakraburtty on 07757 540 436 to book a Predictive Astrology Reading. Anita is a Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) and has shared her predictions live on air on Riverside Radio and Wandsworth Radio in 2018 and 2019.

Here's more detail on how Astrology can be of benefit to you:

Facing Redundancy? Want a Career Change? Astrology may help you!

Jul 16, 2020

Are you facing Redundancy? Thinking of a change in career but unsure of which one to choose? Your Birth Chart may unlock the answers of a new direction for you!

What Career Indicators are in My Astrology Chart?

The 10th House in your Astrology chart relates to your career/goals/reputation. The planets in this House signify your career as does the Zodiac sign that rules the 10th House. The 6th House in your Astrology chart relates to your daily work routine, duties and responsibilities. The planets in your 6th House may indicate your daily work, as will the Zodiac sign that rules the 6th House.

(Image by Greg Rakozy)

Maybe you've been thinking of a Joint Business Venture or Partnership? The 7th House not only relates to Marriage but also indicates if a Joint Venture would be advantageous to you, or more of a problem. The Zodiac sign that rules the 7th house also gives you additional information relating to Business Partnerships.

How Can I be Confident in Anita Chakraburtty's Astrology Knowledge and Qualifications?

Are you thinking of taking that 'Leap of Faith' but would like a bit of additional information? Book in with Anita for a 1 hr Astrology Reading via Zoom, Whatsapp Video or phone. It may unlock your hidden gifts and talents and boost your confidence in uncertain times.

Email Anita via or give her a call on +447757540436 to book an appointment. Anita is a Member of the Association of Astrologers International and has a 4 year Diploma in Medieval Astrology. Anita has also appeared several times on Riverside Radio, sharing her insights with listeners.

How will June & July's Mercury Retrograde impact you in 2020

Jun 18, 2020

For the second time this year the mischievous planet Mercury is retrograde. Want to know how it may impact YOU astrologically?

The planet Mercury turns retrograde in London early morning on 19th June 2020 and moves direct at 9.27 am on 13th July in London.It is a period all Professional Astrologers note on their calendars.

Mercury rules electronics, so with the lockdown easing and more shops opening, you may be tempted to upgrade your electronics (phones/sound systems/laptops/TV's) You may be looking to travel further afield, move house or start a new job. However as Mercury rules travel, electronics, communication, contracts/negotiations and post, these areas of life may go 'askew' during the next 3 weeks. Here's why:

Mercury now appears to be travelling backwards in the sky. But it is just its relative motion compared to the earth, it is not actually astronomically moving backwards. However, this apparent backwards motion leads to issues such as:

  • electronic equipment (phones, laptops, TV's, internet routers etc) malfunctioning, especially ones purchased during the retrograde period
  • post and parcels arriving late, going missing or being delivered to the wrong address. Or you excitedly open your post & see the incorrect item has been sent!
  • new contracts for jobs, rental properties, new homes take ages to be completed, and when they arrive, there are inaccuracies, leading to re-work and more delays
  • you book that long awaited holiday only to find you booked the wrong flight/ferry/train/hotel or booked the right venue but the wrong date
  • you send the wrong emails to the wrong people, especially if your email was critical of an may accidentally send it to the person you were moaning about!

It all sounds dreadful but fear not, there are many positives! As a London based-Astrologer with International clients I can tell you it is great time for:

  • researching, reviewing, planning, rather than taking action.
  • doing stuff you should have done months ago but never had the time
  • thinking and noting down ideas that come to you about areas of your life you wish to change
  • reviewing past events, your behaviours, your reactions and your learnings
  • personal self development

Plus we have a Solar Eclipse approaching during a Mercury retrograde! What a big month June has been for Astrology with the Lunar eclipse on Fri 5th June too!

Curious to learn more about:

  • your specific Astrology chart to see your hidden talents, optimum career path, patterns in your friendships, romantic relationships?
  • if a joint venture with a new business partner will be beneficial or a big pain?
  • what the next 6 months have in store for you regarding opportunities/challenges?
  • if a new lover will go the distance or if it is just a flash in the pan?

Email Anita on or ring her on +447757540436 to book an Astrological Reading with her. Anita is a Member of the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI) & has appeared on Wandsworth and Riverside Radio several times in 2018 and 2019 to discuss her Astrology predictions with listeners.

How the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in July 2019 May Impact YOU!

Jun 28, 2019

July is a BIG MONTH astrologically as there are two Eclipses, one Solar and one Lunar. Each one has a different effect on individuals as regards Career, Health, Romance, Finances etc. The Solar Eclipse on 2nd July is at 11 degrees Cancer. Solar eclipses are about external events happening to you without you initiating them.

The main theme of the Solar Eclipse relates to news involving young people, or news that transforms a pressing situation that you are currently experiencing. The news may make you wish to instigate grand plans, which may be positive, as long as you don’t get obsessive, carried away and refusing listen to others advice!

The Solar eclipse is also next to the fixed star Alhena which represents accidents related to the feet! So be careful where you step, don’t rush if wearing high heels, and don’t wear slippery shoes in the rain!

The Solar Eclipse also makes a positive aspect to Uranus, so you may feel like exploring your rebellious/quirky side at work and amongst friends/family in July. You may make some sudden unexpected changes in your Career/Relationships/Fitness goals or even your appearance.

Lunar eclipses are about your musings and ponderings leading to you taking direct action to make changes in your life. The Lunar Eclipse is on 16th July is at 24 degrees Capricorn and right next to Pluto and square the Asteroid Eris. It may be an intense/emotional time for people, especially those who have suffered injustices in the workplace. This Lunar Eclipse may give you the strength to challenge any prejudice/unfairness, especially where it has been hidden from others.

In your individual Birth Chart, the House Position, Planetary Connections and Angles shown by the Solar/Lunar Eclipse will give you specific detail on changes that may unfold for you over the next 6 months. This is the benefit of having a one-on-one session with an Astrologer.

Anita Chakraburtty has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology from the Astrological Guild of Educators. She has appeared twice on Martin Adam's Wandsworth Radio’s Saturday lunchtime show in April and December 2018, giving listeners her Astrological insights. Call her now on 07757 540 436 to book an appointment or email Anita via

How your Zodiac Sign May Impact Your Health

Jan 22, 2018

Most people know that their Sun Sign has certain personality traits. Cancerians may be worriers, Arians impulsive, Capricorns overly self-critical etc. But did you know that your Sun Sign may also impact your health?

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Prince, His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 23, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on 7th June 1958 in Minneapolis. His father was a pianist and a songwriter whose stage name was ‘Prince Rogers’ and his mother was a jazz singer. As a young child, he suffered from seizures due to his epilepsy. This can be seen with Mars in very strong condition in Aries in his 6th house of health, ruling the 1st house of the physical body. Aries rules the head and is indicative of issues involving the brain and skull.

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Ronnie Corbett: His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 02, 2016

Ronnie was born in Edinburgh on 4th December 1930. With his Sun in Sagittarius, he would have been an optimistic person, with a restless nature, always looking out for the next new opportunity. He would have loved meeting people from different religions, cultures and may have loved foreign travel, food etc. He may have been curious about different religions, the nature of God/Spirit/Higher Consciousness, why we are here etc.

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