How the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in July 2019 May Impact YOU!

Jun 28, 2019

July is a BIG MONTH astrologically as there are two Eclipses, one Solar and one Lunar. Each one has a different effect on individuals as regards Career, Health, Romance, Finances etc. The Solar Eclipse on 2nd July is at 11 degrees Cancer. Solar eclipses are about external events happening to you without you initiating them.

The main theme of the Solar Eclipse relates to news involving young people, or news that transforms a pressing situation that you are currently experiencing. The news may make you wish to instigate grand plans, which may be positive, as long as you don’t get obsessive, carried away and refusing listen to others advice!

The Solar eclipse is also next to the fixed star Alhena which represents accidents related to the feet! So be careful where you step, don’t rush if wearing high heels, and don’t wear slippery shoes in the rain!

The Solar Eclipse also makes a positive aspect to Uranus, so you may feel like exploring your rebellious/quirky side at work and amongst friends/family in July. You may make some sudden unexpected changes in your Career/Relationships/Fitness goals or even your appearance.

Lunar eclipses are about your musings and ponderings leading to you taking direct action to make changes in your life. The Lunar Eclipse is on 16th July is at 24 degrees Capricorn and right next to Pluto and square the Asteroid Eris. It may be an intense/emotional time for people, especially those who have suffered injustices in the workplace. This Lunar Eclipse may give you the strength to challenge any prejudice/unfairness, especially where it has been hidden from others.

In your individual Birth Chart, the House Position, Planetary Connections and Angles shown by the Solar/Lunar Eclipse will give you specific detail on changes that may unfold for you over the next 6 months. This is the benefit of having a one-on-one session with an Astrologer.

Anita Chakraburtty has a Diploma in Medieval Astrology from the Astrological Guild of Educators. She has appeared twice on Martin Adam's Wandsworth Radio’s Saturday lunchtime show in April and December 2018, giving listeners her Astrological insights. Call her now on 07757 540 436 to book an appointment or email Anita via

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