Ronnie Corbett: His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 02, 2016

Ronnie was born in Edinburgh on 4th December 1930. With his Sun in Sagittarius, he would have been an optimistic person, with a restless nature, always looking out for the next new opportunity. He would have loved meeting people from different religions, cultures and may have loved foreign travel, food etc. He may have been curious about different religions, the nature of God/Spirit/Higher Consciousness, why we are here etc.

Ronnie may have been prone to hip and leg issues, and liver issues, as they love socialising and overindulging! He had gall bladder issues that began in 2014 (the gall bladder is next to the liver and stores bile to send to the liver)

With a Leo ascendant, Ronnie would have had the ability to walk into a room of strangers, and commanded the attention of everyone. With his 5th house Sun ruling his ascendant, his ‘raison d’etre’ would have been creativity, fun, pleasure, with a child-like air of fun and enthusiasm about him.

With Ronnie’s Mercury in detriment in Sagittarius in the 5th house, he may have not been the most academic of students, preferring ‘big picture’ concepts as opposed to getting into the detail of rote learning. His restless, curious mind may have found school life too rigid and structured…and possibly BORING! Mercury in detriment in the 5th house of children may indicate difficulty regarding children. His first child Andrew died at 6 weeks old, due to a heart condition.

With a Mars/Uranus aspect, Ronnie may have been accident prone, as he may have always been on the go, physically very active. When Ronnie was young, he may have been a bit of a rebel, challenging authority, especially in situations where freedom/independence was being curtailed. He may also have been a champion of those less fortunate than him.

With an exalted Saturn in the 6th house, Ronnie would have thrived on hard work, duty and responsibility. Possibly he may have been a workaholic in his early days of comedy, wanting to perfect his craft, and yet never feeling that he was as good as his compatriots.

With a Pluto/Venus aspect, Ronnie would have had a deep emotional connection with his wife. He may have felt they were ‘fated’ or ‘destined’ to be together. He and Ann Hart were together 51 years. In the early days of their relationship, he may have been quite possessive and fearful of betrayal. But as the years went by, he would have been more at ease with the security of the relationship, and his trust of Ann.

The nodes are points in a chart that describe where you have come from (South Node), and where you should be heading (North Node). Ronnie had a Libra South node, indicating that in his early life he was the diplomat, selfless, ‘Mr Nice’ and very focussed on fairness. In fact, he may have had a bit of an obsession with Justice and people being treating him and his loved ones ‘fairly’.

As he got older, Ronnie may have let go some of these ‘nice’ tendencies to be more independent, courageous and focused on self-nurturing as opposed to giving to others. Maybe his portrayal of Timothy Lumsden was partly based on the ‘nice’ aspects of his personality that could have held him back in career, had he not become more courageous, independent and trusting of his amazing comedic abilities.

I grew up watching the ‘Two Ronnies’ and my favourite bit of the show was Ronnie in that big chair, with his rambling anecdotes. As a child, seeing a small adult on the screen in such a big chair was hilarious enough! And now that I am in my 40’s, living at home with my parents in London after 12 years in Sydney...I feel that I am the embodiment of Timothy Lumsden in ‘Sorry!’.


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