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Oct 01, 2020

My Motivation is LOW! Can a Shamanic Journey Re-Ignite my Zest for Life?

Feeling lacklustre now the UK days are getting shorter & skies are grey? Want to ignite PASSION into your business? Want to feel a creative ZEAL? Or get ENTHUSED about a new Keep Fit Plan?? Or feel EXCITED about finding a romantic partner?

(Dreamcatcher Image by Megan Thomas via Unsplash)

A Free Online Shamanic Journey? I can attend from anywhere in the World can I?

Come along to my FREE 15 minute online Shamanic Journey at Fabulous Networking Ealing this Friday 10am-12pm. It's focussed on getting you sparkly & enthused about many areas of your life!

Plus you get to do your 60 second pitch to other Small Business Owners, get to know other Sole Traders & feel part of a friendly supportive gang.

Visitors can attend 3 Fabulous Networking online meetings for FREE!

Email the lovely, inspirational Glenda Shawley to book your slot this Friday morning:

Want to know more about how a Shamanic Healing session can be of benefit to you whether you live in London or anywhere in the World?

Have a read of how Anita Chakraburtty trained for 7 years with a Cherokee Chief to learn ancient Native American Practices.


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