Consciousness does not stop when we die

Jun 01, 2016

If you read the experiences of Dr Eben Alexander, you will see that consciousness is not connected to the brain. Dr Alexander was a Neuroscientist who contracted such severe bacterial meningitis that his brain shut down and he was placed in a medically-induced coma. Despite the fact that he was technically ‘brain dead’ for seven days, Dr Alexander had amazing experiences whilst in a coma (documented in his book ‘Proof of Heaven’) including meeting his elder sister who had died before he was even born.

If you read Anita Moorjani’s near death experience as a terminal cancer patient, she was able to recount detailed discussions and incidents involving medical staff when she came back to life. The weird thing is that those conversations and situations occurred in other rooms in the hospital, not the room in which Anita ‘died’. This is all documented in her book ‘Dying to be Me’, which shows us that consciousness is not limited to the physical body.

If consciousness (or Spirit/Soul) is not limited to the brain, or to the body, then it must be independent of our physicality.

There are many documented incidents, via hospice staff, of how terminally ill patients, a few hours before death, talk to dead relatives in their hospital room, and ask staff if they can also see their father, mother, sister, son, daughter etc. Again, the consciousness (or Spirit/Soul) of dead people can provide comfort and support to relatives in the process of dying.

Very young children also have a connection to their past lives. Jim Tucker, an Associate Psychiatric Professor at the University of Virginia has 2500 case files of children aged two-six years old, who provide such accurate details of their past lives, that their stories have been traced back to actual people, and not famous ones (i.e. so they haven’t got this information via the internet etc)Hence, consciousness doesn’t stop when we die, it just moves into a different body, or dimension, or universe, to continue its learning and expansion.

So, chill out more! Relax more! Have more fun! Stop feeling guilty that you should be achieving more in your career, health, romantic life. You are an unlimited, endless being, and you can easily take your incomplete ‘To Do List’ to your next life.

You will never think ‘I should have done more cleaning!’ when you are on your death bed, nor ‘I should have stayed later at work!’. Think about your death NOW so you can live more NOW.


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