How the 2nd Sept Piscean Full Moon may impact the UK as well as YOU!

Sep 02, 2020

Today's is a Piscean Full Moon. In looking at the UK Astrology Chart, between now and 17th Sept, we may see a spike in Coronavirus cases. There may also be important news as regards the UK's Economic outlook. There may be major Farming/Agricultural news, as well as big announcements from UK Banks/Bank of England in the next fortnight.

On an individual level this Piscean Full Moon may impact all Water signs the most (Pisces/Cancer/Scorpio). Over the next 2 weeks you Pisceans may feel more driven to ask for a pay rise or promotion or look for a 2nd income stream. Money may be on your mind!

You Cancerians may clash with your Managers/Superiors between now and 17th Sept. This tension may impact your health. Don't bottle up your emotions, vent to a friend/Spouse and deal with specific factual issues with your Boss.

You Scorpios may find lots of drama happening with siblings/cousins/uncles/aunts or perhaps neighbours between now and 17th Sept. Or you're feeling stressed about launching a new website/blog/newsletter.

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