Facing Redundancy? Want a Career Change? Astrology may help you!

Jul 16, 2020

Are you facing Redundancy? Thinking of a change in career but unsure of which one to choose? Your Birth Chart may unlock the answers of a new direction for you!

What Career Indicators are in My Astrology Chart?

The 10th House in your Astrology chart relates to your career/goals/reputation. The planets in this House signify your career as does the Zodiac sign that rules the 10th House. The 6th House in your Astrology chart relates to your daily work routine, duties and responsibilities. The planets in your 6th House may indicate your daily work, as will the Zodiac sign that rules the 6th House.

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Maybe you've been thinking of a Joint Business Venture or Partnership? The 7th House not only relates to Marriage but also indicates if a Joint Venture would be advantageous to you, or more of a problem. The Zodiac sign that rules the 7th house also gives you additional information relating to Business Partnerships.

How Can I be Confident in Anita Chakraburtty's Astrology Knowledge and Qualifications?

Are you thinking of taking that 'Leap of Faith' but would like a bit of additional information? Book in with Anita for a 1 hr Astrology Reading via Zoom, Whatsapp Video or phone. It may unlock your hidden gifts and talents and boost your confidence in uncertain times.

Email Anita via anita@multidimensionalhealing.co.uk or give her a call on +447757540436 to book an appointment. Anita is a Member of the Association of Astrologers International and has a 4 year Diploma in Medieval Astrology. Anita has also appeared several times on Riverside Radio, sharing her insights with listeners.


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