How will June & July's Mercury Retrograde impact you in 2020

Jun 18, 2020

For the second time this year the mischievous planet Mercury is retrograde. Want to know how it may impact YOU astrologically?

The planet Mercury turns retrograde in London early morning on 19th June 2020 and moves direct at 9.27 am on 13th July in London.It is a period all Professional Astrologers note on their calendars.

Mercury rules electronics, so with the lockdown easing and more shops opening, you may be tempted to upgrade your electronics (phones/sound systems/laptops/TV's) You may be looking to travel further afield, move house or start a new job. However as Mercury rules travel, electronics, communication, contracts/negotiations and post, these areas of life may go 'askew' during the next 3 weeks. Here's why:

Mercury now appears to be travelling backwards in the sky. But it is just its relative motion compared to the earth, it is not actually astronomically moving backwards. However, this apparent backwards motion leads to issues such as:

  • electronic equipment (phones, laptops, TV's, internet routers etc) malfunctioning, especially ones purchased during the retrograde period
  • post and parcels arriving late, going missing or being delivered to the wrong address. Or you excitedly open your post & see the incorrect item has been sent!
  • new contracts for jobs, rental properties, new homes take ages to be completed, and when they arrive, there are inaccuracies, leading to re-work and more delays
  • you book that long awaited holiday only to find you booked the wrong flight/ferry/train/hotel or booked the right venue but the wrong date
  • you send the wrong emails to the wrong people, especially if your email was critical of an may accidentally send it to the person you were moaning about!

It all sounds dreadful but fear not, there are many positives! As a London based-Astrologer with International clients I can tell you it is great time for:

  • researching, reviewing, planning, rather than taking action.
  • doing stuff you should have done months ago but never had the time
  • thinking and noting down ideas that come to you about areas of your life you wish to change
  • reviewing past events, your behaviours, your reactions and your learnings
  • personal self development

Plus we have a Solar Eclipse approaching during a Mercury retrograde! What a big month June has been for Astrology with the Lunar eclipse on Fri 5th June too!

Curious to learn more about:

  • your specific Astrology chart to see your hidden talents, optimum career path, patterns in your friendships, romantic relationships?
  • if a joint venture with a new business partner will be beneficial or a big pain?
  • what the next 6 months have in store for you regarding opportunities/challenges?
  • if a new lover will go the distance or if it is just a flash in the pan?

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