A Naturopathic Approach To Protection from COVID-19

Feb 28, 2020

COVID-19 presents with symptoms similar to the common cold (i.e. fever, coughing, shortness of breath) but as it is a respiratory virus, you are unlikely to have a runny nose as a symptom!

80% of people who contract COVID-19 recover, but 20% do go from a mild disease state to a more severe disease state. Fortunately, the fatality rate is only 2-3%, and those who have died may have also died from ‘normal’ seasonal flu (But COVID-19 is NOT FLU!)

Another positive of COVID-19 is that out of 55, 000 people infected in China, only 2% were children AND most children infected in China presented with milder symptoms compared to adults.

The mortality rate from SARS was much higher at 10%, so COVID-19 is not as fatal as SARS, which is another positive!

Common sense hygiene routines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Include:

  • hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds,
  • cough into a tissue or a flexed elbow,
  • avoid touching your nose/mouth
  • avoid contact with individuals with cold/flu-like symptoms

A Naturopathic approach to protecting yourself from COVID-19 would NOT involve boosting the Immune System. A possible way the virus may work is via your white blood cells (macrophages). Hence boosting your immune system may be detrimental to your health.

However, working synergistically with the body’s immune system is likely to protect you, so that if you do contract COVID-19, you may have a shorter duration of the disease state and not as severe as other people’s experience.

Vitamin A is beneficial to the tissue in the lungs, so would be a protective vitamin to take now. Vitamin C also works synergistically with the body’s immune system, as do Shitake Mushrooms.

Keen to improve your health, so that if you or your family do contract COVID-19, you have it for a shorter duration and experience a milder disease state? Book in an appointment with Anita Chakraburtty on 07757 540 436. Anita has over 10 years Clinical Experience as a Naturopath both in London and in Sydney. Anita sees may clients via Whatsapp video/ Zoom or even just a normal telephone call and posts herbs/supplements to their home, So she has treated clients all over the UK!

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