How Naturopathy May Alleviate Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Sep 10, 2019


PMS is defined as a recurrent set of physical and behavioural symptoms occurring 714 days before menstruation. Often these symptoms are troublesome enough to interfere with some aspects of women’s lives. As regards menstrual pain, heavy bleeding etc dull aching pain can occur 1 week prior to a woman’s period, with more intense pain/cramping in the lower abdominal area happening for 1-2 days around the actual period.

What Causes Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Painful Periods and Food Cravings before your Period?

The reasons for menstrual disturbances are not just about low levels of certain hormones or excess of certain hormones. It is actually about an individual’s RESPONSE to reproductive hormones.

In addition, prostaglandins (hormone-like substances) cause contraction/relaxation of smooth muscle tissue leading to menstrual pain. They also cause fluid retention, breast tenderness, headaches and ‘brain fog’. Shifts in serotonin may cause mood changes, as well as changes in appetite leading to carbohydrate cravings/binge eating.

Heavy menstrual bleeding in some women may lead to anaemia, which then leads to continued heavy bleeding as an anaemic woman may lack the clotting factors needed to stem the flow of menstrual blood.

How Can Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Be Improved Using A Natural Approach?

Fortunately, a Naturopathic approach to PMS may address many of these unpleasant symptoms. Certain herbal medicines may regulate the production of hormones, and improving liver function may help excrete excess hormones. Herbal Diuretics may be used for fluid retention. Antispasmodics may be used for pain/cramps and to relax smooth muscle tissue. Anti-haemorrhagics may be used for excessive bleeding, plus Nutritional supplements for anaemia may improve clotting. Uterine tonics may improve uterine function which may also reduce heavy bleeding as well as menstrual pain.

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