What Opportunities May unfold for YOU in April 2019

Apr 08, 2019

The Aries New Moon on Friday 5th April is square Saturn and conjunct the fortunate Fixed Star Alpheratz. It indicates that for Aries, hard work will bring success, wealth, promotion and favours from others over the next 4 weeks. Any Librans who are in a committed relationship may receive a proposal. Those Librans looking to form join business ventures, April is a good month! Those Libran’s working in Corporate life may receive a pat on the back/an award from their peers/colleagues in the next 4 weeks!

For Capricorns the New Moon may lead to changes in your home/refurbishment or a house move/purchase. Cancerians may receive a promotion or decide to move jobs internally or even hear through friends about good opportunities in other companies.

Mid-April may see Leo’s either going through their savings and investments to optimise returns with Mercury & Venus conjunct in your 8th house, or getting joint finances sorted with their romantic/business partner. There may be an unexpected financial windfall through a Tax Return or Inheritance or debt-realignment. Gemini’s will have Mars in their 1st house till mid-May so use it to achieve Self-Development goals/health & fitness goals.

Taureans you have Uranus in your 1st house for the next 8 years! By the end of its transit, you’ll have experienced a few unexpected events, and you’ll want to change how you look, your beliefs and how people perceive you.

Pisceans have Venus in rulership throughout April in your 1st house so you’ll look beautiful & want to pamper yourself. You’ll be stimulated creatively too.

The Full Moon on 19th April has the Sun conjunct Uranus opposite the Moon in Libra. Time for unexpected events, unexpected emotions, and a sense of wanting to break-free from the norm. For Sagittarians you may meet new, unusual people who may become your friends. Or an unexpected event helps your wish come true.

Scorpios may find this Full Moon brings an inspired idea to help you defeat your anxieties/fears. Or your Intuition TAKES OFF! Virgos may receive an unexpected pay-rise or windfall, so get a lottery ticket that day! Aquarians may book a long-haul flight, or a Spiritual workshop or start a College Course around that time.

23rd April has Mercury/Chiron/Venus all conjunct in Aries, so a good week for Aries/Librans to work on emotional wounds related to communication/creativity/wealth/relationships and business partnerships.


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