What Opportunities may Unfold for YOU in May 2018

May 03, 2018

The biggest thing that is happening this month is that the planet Uranus leaves Aries (where it has been since 2011) and moves into Taurus! It is a big change that will affect not only individuals, but also the Banking Industry.

Between now and 2026 we may see customers rebelling and new types of Banks appearing that break with the traditional format. Want to see how May is going to unfold for you? Then have a read of my forecast


You Rams have been through a lot of unexpected changes since 2011 due to Uranus being close to your Sun. It now moves into Taurus until 2026, so you can RELAX! Mercury in your 1st house till mid-May is a good time for you to negotiate deals/new contracts/do presentations/write articles or newsletters. The Sun in your 2nd house till 22nd May indicates you are focussed on boosting your earnings so tell your Boss what you’ve achieved and use this good Sun placement! The Full Moon in Capricorn on 29th May should give you the career boost, either in your current role or a new Company.


Bulls born 21st April-24th April may start to feel Uranus’s unexpected effects during 2018. With Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon all in your 1st house till mid-May you Bulls will feel positive, energised and confident during this time. GET CRACKING ON YOUR GOALS! Venus in your 2nd house till 20th May plus Mars in Aquarius in your 10th house of career could help you get that pay-rise/promotion/new job too! But Mars tends to indicate conflict, so negotiate sweetly as there may be ‘cuts’ at work.


Venus is in your 1st house till 20th May so you Geminians may be having a wardrobe refurbishment /changing hairstyles/getting a tattoo etc as you are focused on your appearance/body. However with Mercury and the Sun and the New Moon all in your 12th house and in Taurus till mid-May you Geminians may feel anxious, fearful and have people suddenly pushing your buttons (particularly younger males) around this time. With the Full Moon on May 29th in your 9th house, you may go on that overseas trip, receive an award for your College Studies or book that religious/Spiritual Retreat or have an ‘awakening’!


With Mars next to Pluto at the start of the month in your 7th house, you and your Spouse may be jostling for dominance/power and sparks are FLYING! You Crabs may also be anxious and fearful (what’s new eh?!) especially as regards a female who may be suddenly pushing your buttons. You’ll feel better once Mars moves into Aquarius on 17th May and Venus moves into Cancer on 20th May, where you’ll be more focussed on your physical appearance and your Joint Account, Taxes, Inheritances, Savings and Investments.


You Lions may be experiencing power struggles with a bully at work till mid-May (or YOU may be the bully!) Or you may have health issues related to your reproductive organs. Or a Pet may be disobedient and causing conflicts around duties/responsibilities. Thankfully with the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon all in Taurus, you Lions may have positive career shifts (i.e. promotion or an award from your Boss) by mid/late May!! But Uranus being in your 10th house till 2026 means there may be unexpected Career changes between now and then….


Single Virgoans need to be out socialising to find a new lover till mid-May as with Pluto next to Mercury in your 5th house, you may find an intense/passionate relationship. Or you may find one of your kids is being a bully. Or there may be dramas with a Creative endeavour you are undertaking. Or a desire to start a family or have more children may be causing intense emotion in your relationship. However, with the Sun, Mercury and New Moon all in Taurus, looks like an overseas trip is imminent, or perhaps a big shift in your Religious/Spiritual nature.


With Mars and Pluto next to each other in your 4th house, there may be intense emotions around you Librans related to your immediate family, your house, a renovation or house sale/purchase, or power struggles with your Dad this month. With your ruler Venus in Gemini in your 9th house till 20th May, you may be looking to book a trip abroad, a College Course or a spiritual retreat. After 20th May you may be looking for a promotion/networking opportunities with Venus moving into your Career part of your chart.


You Scorpions may be experiencing power struggles/intense drama with a sibling, uncle, aunty, cousin or neighbour this month as Pluto and Mars are next to each other in your 3rd house. Or an article/report you’ve written causes a big outcry! With the Sun, Mercury and the New Moon all in your 7th house, Scorpions may find themselves popping the question, or receiving a proposal of marriage. Or you may hear good news related to a legal matter this month.


You Centaurs may be experiencing dramas and conflict about your earnings, or a big expensive purchase. The emotional intensity about money should reduce after 17th May, but in late May there may be arguments with a sibling or neighbour. For most of May you Centaurs will be busy clearing your ‘To Do Lists’ at home/work and delegating tiresome tasks to give you more freedom. You should resolve the money/salary/ issue with an important purchase by 29th May, so don’t stress!


WOW! You Goats are feeling combative this month eh? You really want people to notice you and to see that you are not to be messed with! Single Goats should be online dating as you have the Sun, Mercury and New Moon in your 5th house of love. Those Goats in relationships may have a pregnancy announcement in late May, or one of your kids may receive an accolade from school related to Music, Writing or Sewing.


With the Sun, Mercury and New Moon all in Taurus, you Water-Bearers may be focussed on your home, immediate family or your Dad in May. With Pluto and Mars next to each other in your 12th house, a male is causing you emotional dramas and stressing you out! Or you may be a bit obsessed about Psychics, Astrologers, Tarot Readers etc this month. Mars moves into your 1st house on 17th May so you’ll feel driven to do more exercise, and you may be more combative/argumentative with people in late May!


With the Sun, Mercury and New Moon in your 3rd house you Fishes may be doing a lot of travelling within your country, perhaps doing presentations/negotiating deals etc. Or you may be focussed on your siblings, neighbours, or creating content for your website. With Pluto and Mars in your 11th house, there may be intense dramas with friends, or Charities/Clubs/Associations!

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