What Opportunities May Unfold for YOU in April 2018

Apr 04, 2018

We begin April with a rare Blue Moon. Mercury starts the month retrograde then turns direct. Saturn begins the month direct then turns retrograde. Then on 17th April the asteroid Chiron moves into Aries, which will impact people born between 1969-1977. What a dynamic month! Want to know how it will impact you? Have a read of my forecast.

April begins with the Full/Blue Moon in Libra (from 31st March) and the Sun and a retrograde Mercury next to each other in Aries. You Rams are feeling confident, brimming with ideas, negotiating deals, active on Social Media. Then BOOM, the asteroid Chiron moves into Aries on 18th April. All zodiac signs born between 1969 and 1977 are going to have an interesting few years seeking their true identity, being more assertive and expressing their uniqueness freely! Or doing none of this and just remaining frustrated, disillusioned & suffocated by convention and the 'Status Quo'.

Venus is in good condition in Taurus for most of April, so you Taureans may find you desire a wardrobe refurbishment, a new hairstyle, beauty treatments. Or you may be seeking more cultural stimulation via art/theatre/classical music. Single Taureans will be focussed on finding love in April.

Geminis may find during April that a female comes out of nowhere and starts pushing your buttons all month. EVERYONE ELSE loves this woman and thinks she’s funny, engaging and charm personified! Or perhaps you Geminis may find anxieties/fears around your current romantic relationship are being triggered this month.

Cancerians may have a very sociable month, and you Crabs may find you get recognition for your work for a local club or charity. You may make a new quirky, rebellious, free-thinking friend mid-month.

Leos may find they have an intense drive/ambition to get fit and healthy, especially if you have skin, joint or gum/teeth issues in April. Or one of your pets may need an operation that provokes intense emotions. Or you Lions may feel burdened with tedious duties and responsibilities at work/home and get irate and emotional with the bullies who are dumping on you!

Virgos have Mars, Saturn, Pluto in their 5th house from 7th April till the end of April. You’re either committing to having a child which is causing emotional highs/lows, or you’re having a more passionate/intense/dramatic relationship with your lover. Those Virgoans that have kids may find BIG CONFLICTS in April with them around duties/responsibilities and secrets they’ve been keeping from you!

Librans may have had conflicts in April with their Dad, or immediate family members. Or there may have been intense anger & frustration regarding a house renovation or house purchase. There may be issues with pipes underground, or the foundations of the property, or the boundaries of the property that are only just coming to light.

Scorpios will have an intense month with possible conflicts with uncles, aunties, cousins or neighbours regarding duties/responsibilities/respect (or perceived disrespect). Or arguments may arise due an article/blog/newsletter or short story you’ve written that provokes anger/passion & possibly authority/control people getting involved.

Sagittarians may have conflicts and intense emotions around your income/salary throughout April. An authority figure may be preventing your pay-rise and you may feel like resigning and giving them a piece of your mind!

Capricorns may have experienced skin inflammation, joint/tendons, or gum/teeth issues in early April. But you Goats may also have received an award or public recognition for your efforts at work.

Aquarians may find a wound they’ve had around their ability to communicate, may surface in April. You may have to write an important high-profile article, or do a presentation, or negotiate an important contract and you may have a crisis of confidence.

Pisceans may have been negotiating a pay-rise or the detailed roles and responsibilities relating to a new job, and you are being a tough negotiator especially with regards to your salary increase!


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