What Opportunities Will Unfold for YOU in November 2016

Nov 02, 2016

The Full Moon in Taurus on 14th November is a 'Supermoon'. In fact the Moon is at its closest approach to Earth since 1948! Would you like to know how the Supermoon and other celestial events may impact you? Then have a read of my November Astrology forecast.

What Opportunities Await YOU in Nov 2016

From 1st-5th November Venus is right next to Saturn, both in Sagittarius and both planets are making a harmonious trine to a retrograde Uranus. You may find that you are making friendships/networks with older people unexpectedly during this time. As Venus relates to romance, those of you who are single may suddenly find yourself attracted or asked out on a date by either an older person, or a tall slim person or someone with dark hair or dark skin (Saturn can indicate older/taller/slimmer/darker people!). Or a colleague/peer may suddenly start behaving like an authority figure towards you, and you may find yourself rebelling!

You Sagittarians may feel conflicted around this time with wanting to change your appearance, as well as the way others see you as a person. But Saturn may make you feel those changes should be about improving your status and position in life, and not be superficially about beauty or popularity! Geminis may find that their romantic partner wants more commitment, or they may be thinking of proposing to their partner.

Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius from 10th November till mid-December. Aquarians may feel more energised this month, so make use of this boost and get moving on your goals. Leos may find that work colleagues are being argumentative, rivals are ambitious and seeking to get ahead, and maybe their romantic partners are more hot-headed than usual.

The Full Moon on 14th November is the closest approach of the Moon to Earth since 1948 and it is a ‘Supermoon’. Everyone will feel its effects, but Taureans especially may find they are more emotional around this time and will finding venting is very easy for them!

The planet Neptune moves direct from 20th November till mid-June 2017. During 20th-23rd November you may find that your mind is confused, your thinking may is woolly and you are unable to make decisions. You may find you struggle when talking to communicate exactly what you are thinking, but yet you continue to burble on, directionless. This is due to Mercury making a square to Neptune around this time.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on 22nd November, so you Sagittarians will be filled with optimism and vitality till 20th December, as your birthday approaches. This is further indicated with the New Moon on 29th November. Other Zodiac signs may find this New Moon leads to thoughts of overseas travel, college courses or spiritual development. We may all start to ponder the ‘bigger picture’ of life around this time too.

Nov 03, 2016
Insightful as always! Helping me prepare for this exciting month, thanks!
Nov 03, 2016
thanks anita lovely to hear your thoughts on the month x

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