Your Animal Totems

Jun 23, 2016

Indigenous people around the world believe that we all have animal spirits with us from birth. Some may come and go to give us a specific piece of information (Messenger Animals) Others come at a time of great life changes where you take a new ‘fork in the road of life’ (Journey Animal Guide). Others are with us constantly throughout our lives and reflect your inner spiritual nature (Animal Spirit Guide). All these animals give us protection, knowledge, guidance and love. We just need to sit still enough and quietly enough to hear it.

Ancient people believed in the ‘Oneness of Nature’. That we are connected to EVERYTHING and that we are all one consciousness and one family. Nowadays genetic engineers have found that Indigenous people were on the right track in many ways. Our DNA is 98.8% the same as a gorilla/chimpanzee, is 90% the same as a mouse, 84% the same as a dog and we share 65% of our DNA with chickens!

During key tribal ceremonies, Shamans in many cultures would wear the skins, heads, paw, claws etc. of animals in order to ‘merge’ with animal spirits during specific rituals. This merger gives the Shaman the power, knowledge and ‘medicine’ of that specific animal, which would be used to benefit tribal members seeking healing and guidance.

You may think that we are far more powerful than an animal, as there aren’t ‘Cat Banks’ or ‘Lizard Railway Networks’. But consider the salmon, born in freshwater rivers. When they are 3 years old their body chemistry shifts dramatically to enable them to migrate to and live in saltwater oceans that would have previously killed them. Then, towards the end of their lives, they travel hundreds of miles, leaping up waterfalls and rapids, to spawn in the rivers where they were born. British swallows cover 200 miles a day, flying from South Africa, across the Sahara, through Morocco, then eastern Spain, across the Pyrenees into France to get to Britain for our Spring. There are some remarkable animals out there! Even the humble flea can jump 50 to 100 times its own height, the equivalent of me jumping 8-16 metres vertically!

So, how do you find what type of animal is your ‘Animal Spirit Guide’? The optimal way would be via a Shamanic Journey, which involves a Practitioner using energy healing, crystal healing, a guided meditation, drumming, rattles etc to create the right ‘consciousness’ in you to enable you to meet your animal spirit.

If you don’t have access to a Shamanic Practitioner, then ask your animal spirit guide to appear to you, and watch for recurring animal images, especially in unexpected situations. If en route to work you pass a car blaring out ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran, and if on arrival you are introduced to a client called ‘Mr Wolf’ and if in the evening your friend shows you pictures of a pack of wild wolves from her Alaskan holiday…then your Wolf Spirit Guide is trying to say ‘Hello!!’

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