Quick and Easy Stress-Busting Tip

Jun 23, 2016

Most stress is self-inflicted and is created by the mind working through imaginary scenarios that rarely happen.

The best way to break this exhausting cycle is to stop the stories in your head by focussing on how lucky you are!!

When you are feeling stressed and anxious about a specific issue whilst you are 1) driving to work 2) on the bus going to work or 3) trying to sleep at night and worrying about a looming deadline, reduce your anxiety by focussing on the following:

  • I’m very lucky to have a job, as several of my friends have recently been made redundant
  • I’m very lucky that I’ve been delegated this task at work as it means my Boss thinks I’m a capable person
  • I’m very lucky that I have good health, so that I’m able go out to work and earn a living and not have to rely on government benefits
  • I’m very lucky that I have friends I can talk to when I’m stressed and anxious, as many people are lonely and isolated
  • I’m very lucky to live in a democratic country where I am safe and free
  • I’m very lucky that I have a mortgage to pay every month, as so many people cannot afford to buy a home
  • I’m very lucky to have gas and electricity bills, as many people in third world countries live in very basic accommodation with only candles for light and burn wood to cook their food.

Get the idea?

By listing in your mind, several times a day, how lucky you are, you will feel happier and less anxious.

Do it 3 times a day at least! It is easy and quick and will make you feel happy in minutes...because...you really are a very lucky person...you just keep forgetting how lucky you are!


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