Prince, His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 23, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on 7th June 1958 in Minneapolis. His father was a pianist and a songwriter whose stage name was ‘Prince Rogers’ and his mother was a jazz singer. As a young child, he suffered from seizures due to his epilepsy. This can be seen with Mars in very strong condition in Aries in his 6th house of health, ruling the 1st house of the physical body. Aries rules the head and is indicative of issues involving the brain and skull.

The 6th house is also known as the ‘House of Slavery’ and duties/commitments and Prince has the ruler of his chart (Mars in Aries) here. Prince was prolific in his output of music and was known for being a workaholic. Prince released 39 albums in his career, 16 of them between 2000 and his death in April 2016.

Prince also had legal a dispute with Warner Brothers and changed his name to a ‘symbol’ that was a mix of the glyphs of Mars and Venus. Hence his work (Mars in the 6th house) affected his identity (1st house) and Prince appeared in public during this legal dispute with the world ‘slave’ written on his cheek.

Prince had the karmic North node in Scorpio very close to Neptune, the planet that relates to ‘lack of boundaries’ as well as ‘visionaries’. Both the North node and Neptune in his 1st house of ‘the self and physical appearance’ demonstrated Prince’s fluidity regarding gender, sexuality and race, both for himself and in his interaction with others. Think of the song ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’ and his high pitched delivery of it. Think of his slinky outfits and androgynous looks.

Prince has Pluto right next to his MC. This is the career point of the chart, but also the point of ‘reputation’ and ‘public status’. Pluto is known for transformation, and Prince went through many changes in his life, from becoming an animal rights activist and a Vegan/Vegetarian to a Jehovah’s Witness in 1991. He also transformed his musical identity, starting with the band ‘The Revolution’ then becoming a solo artist, then forming ‘The New Power Generation’ in 1991. Prince also had a film career with ‘Purple Rain’, ‘Under the Cherry Moon’, ‘Sign of the Times’ etc.

Prince’s band in the 1980’s were called ‘The Revolution’, which fits with him having Uranus (the planet of rebellion and independence) in the 10th house of career and public status. Both him and Michael Jackson were the first black artists to have their videos played on MTV repeatedly. Prince had a high proportion of female musicians in his bands, radical for the 80’s when he came to fame. His music was revolutionary as it transcended race, gender and sexuality with its mix of Rock, R&B, Pop and funk.

I saw him in concert in Wembley arena as a teenager and grew from a teenager to a young adult with his music being a major influence in my life. It is a tragedy he is no longer here, but we are blessed that he touched so many lives.

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