Huna Principles of Shamanism

Jun 02, 2016

The book ‘The Urban Shaman’ by Serge Kahili King contains the Spiritual practices of Hawaiian/Polynesian/New Zealand Shamans (Kahunas). They live their daily lives via Seven Principles.

These are:

  • The world is what you think it is
    If you believe life is tough, it’s a ‘dog eat dog world’ and people are out to take advantage of you, these are the experiences you will manifest in your life. It becomes ‘A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy’. If you believe life supports and guides you, that people are kind and helpful and that you attract good experiences, that is what will manifest in your life.
  • There are no limits
    If you believe particle Physicists’ view of the world, then ‘String Theory’ discusses multiple universes, eleven dimensions as well as the holographic nature of our world. The universe is limitless, and the only limitation is our belief of what can/cannot occur. Even our basic knowledge of an atom shows a tiny nucleus, tonnes of empty space, and a cloud of minute electrons whizzing around. Everything is nothing, solid matter is empty space.
  • Energy goes where attention flows
    Don’t focus on what you lack in life (money, romantic love, a svelte toned figure etc) as this is what you will continue to attract. Focus on what you DO WANT, get excited about getting it, and ignore the lack of it.
  • Now is the moment of power
    Echardt Tolle wrote a global best-seller on this single principle alone. Our minds focus on the past (reminiscing on what people have said or done to you in the past) or the future (playing multiple scenarios in our mind of what may or may not happen) whilst ignoring the PRESENT MOMENT. This ‘now’ moment can be used powerfully for change. Being fully focused and mindful will connect you to your Divine Presence/Spirit to generate great transformation.
  • To love is to be happy with
    The more you love, the happier you will become. The happier you become, the more you will attract the wonderful things you desire. If you are feeling unhappy, distract yourself if you can. Ring a friend who will lift your mood, watch kittens playing on ‘YouTube’, listen to music you danced to in your teens and you will shift your emotions.
  • All power comes from within
    No matter how difficult the circumstances are in which you find yourself, you can always do something to make things a little better. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, be still, and ask your Divine Presence to guide you through periods of adversity.
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth
    As Einstein said ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results’. If what you are doing is ineffective, do something different!


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