Spring Your Goals Into Reality with Flower Essences

Sep 11, 2017

it is now Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, and fertility is all around. Birds are singing, trees are blossoming and the clarity of the Spring sunlight is awakening everyone from their Winter hibernation.

Spring is the perfect time to get clear on your goals and to make them become a reality. And guess what? Help and support is there via Flower Essences to help you ‘Spring into Action!’.

Dr Edward Bach (pronounced ‘Batch’) is known as the Father of Flower Essences. A Bacteriologist, who had his research published in The Lancet, he was also a lover of nature and an intuitive. He loved nature and his country walks led to him being entranced by key flowers. He would meditate and get information from the flowers as to their benefits/properties.

Do you lack clarity as regards your Career? Do you have lots of ideas as to what you would like to do, but there isn’t a specific path that is leaping out at you? Wild Oat is the flower essence to give you clear career direction.

Are you a procrastinator? Good at writing your goals on paper, telling your friends/family what you wish to achieve, but tend to lack the drive and motivation to take practical steps? Wild Rose is great for getting you off the sofa and pounding the pavements to achieve your goals.

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think of all the steps you need to take to get to where you need to be in your Career/personal life? Does it feel too hard? Like there are too many obstacles? Too many details to sort out? Elm is a great flower essence for when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Sometimes we can be distracted from our ‘To Do List’ by our minds. We may lack focus, find our minds are daydreaming, not in the present moment. It is only by being focussed in the ‘Now’ that we can act on achieving our goals. Clematis is a great flower essence for bringing us back to the present moment and helping increase our focus.

Flower essences are a great tool for helping us to achieve our goals! They do not interact with pharmaceutical medicines, are good for kids as well as pregnant women.

Anita Chakraburtty is a registered Naturopath and available for SKYPE consults. She has treated many conditions over the years including infertility, anxiety & depression, thyroid issues, high blood pressure, auto-immune conditions, adult acne etc. She can be contacted via email anita@multidimensionalhealing.co.uk and is available on Twitter @AChakraburtty.

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