How your Zodiac Sign May Impact Your Health

Jan 22, 2018

Most people know that their Sun Sign has certain personality traits. Cancerians may be worriers, Arians impulsive, Capricorns overly self-critical etc. But did you know that your Sun Sign may also impact your health?

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Prince, His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 23, 2016

Prince Rogers Nelson was born on 7th June 1958 in Minneapolis. His father was a pianist and a songwriter whose stage name was ‘Prince Rogers’ and his mother was a jazz singer. As a young child, he suffered from seizures due to his epilepsy. This can be seen with Mars in very strong condition in Aries in his 6th house of health, ruling the 1st house of the physical body. Aries rules the head and is indicative of issues involving the brain and skull.

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Ronnie Corbett: His Life Through His Astrology Chart

Jun 02, 2016

Ronnie was born in Edinburgh on 4th December 1930. With his Sun in Sagittarius, he would have been an optimistic person, with a restless nature, always looking out for the next new opportunity. He would have loved meeting people from different religions, cultures and may have loved foreign travel, food etc. He may have been curious about different religions, the nature of God/Spirit/Higher Consciousness, why we are here etc.

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